Monday, December 3, 2012

East & West coast vocals and some more travels...

I'm back with a travel update. I spent most of the day today in Connecticut recording with Lorelei McBroom, sister of Durga McBroom-Hudson who I recorded with Alan Parsons just a week ago in LA. One sister on the West Coast and the other on the East Coast harmonizing beautifully. Their voices blend so well together and since they've both sung with Pink Floyd, and Lorelei currently tours with the Australian Pink Floyd tribute act they are right on the... oh I was going to do a really corny pun right there but I stopped myself. It was a word that rhymes with "honey"! haha.

Lorelei McBroom

Seriously they were both great! We recording backing vocals for the Sonic Elements tribute to Pink Floyd which is coming out next year and involves all sorts of interesting new 'artist' sample libraries from Sonic Reality (discussed or hinted at earlier in this blog) plus a wide range of talented guest performances from the likes of Alastair Greene, John Wesley, Colin Edwin, Francis Dunnery, Dorie Jackson, The McBroom Sisters, Steve Rothery and more! It includes beautiful renditions of the songs from Dark Side of the Moon which I'm recording with Alan Parsons who originally recorded the album back in 1973. Pretty amazing stuff! There's even more to it than that... but little bit little all will be revealed.

Dave "Squids" Kerzner, Durga McBroom-Hudson, Alan Parsons

So, what else is going on in the travels of a man called Squids? Many things. I got an update from Francis Dunnery who is 'on the road' with Dorie Jackson doing house concerts on the West Coast. He's heavy into astrology so I get tales of the tail end of "Mercury in Retrograde" from him! He's hanging in there doing his thing. I helped him get going with some 'sounds for the road' for his laptop running SampleTank and Sonic Reality samples in Logic. 

Late last night I did a rough mix of a Keith Emerson session I recorded for a prominent modern prog artist overseas. It was a special session because Keith hadn't played his Moog in quite a while... over a year at least. It's now in the best shape it's ever been in! So perhaps we'll be hearing more Moog from Keith. Speaking of that I was setting up a time for some more sampling of the Moog remotely and Keith, who is a very charismatic and unpredictable guy, told me that he could be available this coming weekend but he has to schedule it around jamming with a punk band! Yep! That's Keith. 68 going on 29! What a character. I love it. He's so cool! 

Keith Emerson stashing away IK Multimedia's iRig Keys in his shirt. 

On Wednesday I head up to Birmingham to meet with Randy McStine for the release of the new Lo-Fi Resistance album "Chalk Lines"  We're going to do a radio interview as soon as I get there and then some video stuff and a variety of other things leading up to a listening party on the 7th which is open to the public. Randy just got another good review of the album here. I got an email from Colin Edwin of Porcupine Tree who played bass on the album wishing us well with the release. A shame he and Gavin Harrison are in the UK or they would have come to the CD Release Party too. They'll be there in both spirit and on speakers! Very proud of the work we all did on this album. I co-wrote three of the tunes on it as well toward the end and it really trips out! 

There's even more than that going on such as directing visual graphics with a talented 3D artist overseas for the band project I'm in with Simon Collins, turning in samples for an upcoming IK Multimedia product and all sorts of things that go on in parallel in many different parts of the world. The only reason I am able to do so many things at once is because I work with a lot of people who are great at what they do.... that and the multi-tasking tentacle thing. It's good to be a Squid! 

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  1. I love Keith! Been my inspiration for getting into Prog myself. Was fund working on some tunes with Durga - yeah she is great and a wonderful person! Yes from what I saw Keith is is very spontaneous and fun and can be very funny! This is the demo phase we're working on with Dave Lewis from Ambrosia on Keys and Sal from War on drums.