Friday, January 11, 2013


Got a bunch of things going on this month one degree from the band Genesis (but actually each don't have anything to do with Genesis music directly). One is a track from the Rush tribute album I'm producing for my band project "Sonic Elements" where Steve Hackett, former guitarist for Genesis, is going to be a special guest! I'm so excited about that. He's a great guy and his guitar playing is always so creative and cool. I think he's probably one of the most under-rated guitarists when it comes to being innovative and melodic. He actually did the hammer on finger tapping style before Eddie Van Halen (Return of the Giant Hogweed is the prequel to Eruption! haha). Anyway, I earned a favor trade with Steve for my contributions to his Genesis Revisited 2 album and I used that card for this session favor back... but secretly I wish I had 100 Steve Hackett favor cards! It was tough picking which song to ask him to play on but it was a wise choice and you'll see/hear why later.

Francis Dunnery, Keith Emerson, myself, Billy Sherwood and Neil Peart (via his sample library Neil Peart Drums) all play on these two songs (one Rush cover and one original). Current and/or former members of Rush, Genesis, Yes, Robert Plant or It Bites all in one song with El Squidsarino? Pinch me. But it's possible because of Sonic Reality sample libraries and a little Squidsifying. Fortunately everyone involved happens to be REALLY cool, very down to Earth and people I genuinely enjoy being friends with regardless of their status as "rock legends". They don't go around acting like they're superior or anything! They know who they are and they have nothing to prove. These projects are more about the love of music and combining different sonic flavors to see how it comes out! Much how I experiment in the kitchen. 

Mushroom Truffle, Balsamic Roasted Garlic and Asian Red Sesame Chicken Salad Dips. I like to improvise and mix flavors in the kitchen. 

Sticking with the Genesish theme of this blog post I had a lengthy conversation last night with Simon Collins, son of Phil, about the release of our new album "Dimensionaut" from our new band Sound of Contact which you can read about here. We talked about the possibility of touring Europe in Q2 this year... nothing official yet just some talking for right now. We'd have to find he right drummer for the tour who can play in that style since Simon drums on the album and sings (which itself is pretty Genesish at least as far as that dual role goes... and live we would probably do the double drum thing as well since Simon DOES want to play drums as much as he can live and there are a number of instrumental sections on the album to do that).

Nick D'Virgilio and I on stage performing "The Shaming of the True"

Speaking of the right drummer (if he wasn't so busy with Cirque Du Soleil that is), my ex-bandmate from Kevin Gilbert's band, Nick D'Virgilio is in town for a couple months. I just spoke to him on the phone. Nick got to play on the Genesis album "Calling All Stations" and there's a great story behind that but I've probably told it already in this blog. If I haven't I'll perhaps tell it at some point when it feels fresh, timely and relevant. Also some great stories about the mid-90's working with Kevin and there will be more to tell about the "Shaming of the True" gig we performed together recently celebrating Kevin's brilliant rock opera (and a DVD coming out this year of the show!). Anyway, we talked about the possibility of getting together in the studio while he's here and I'm trying to coordinate Francis Dunnery coming down for a big writing/jamming session with the three of us. I think he just needs to book some house concerts, Nick needs some days off and the stars have to align!

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  1. Waiting for the Shaming of the true DVD, hope it will be released soon!