Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Dark Squids of the Moon!

Hello! Squids here reporting from the Dark Side of Miami. Digging into some Rush music this week and some exciting new things with Neil Peart Drums and other sample libraries from Sonic Reality. This past week I've been working on an interesting version of a Pink Floyd tune with Fernando Perdomo that's a mind melting saucerful of secrets. Some interesting things going on with the McBroom sisters as well... nothing I can talk about yet though. It's okay if there's a little bit of mystery around here!

Sporting a new look to the blog finally. Hope you like it!

Things are moving forward with Sound of Contact, my original music project with Simon Collins.

Somehow this month I need to get Nick D'Virgilio over here in the studio since he's here until the end of the month with Cirque. I'm also working with Martin Levac on a few things who is up in Canada. Lots of on-going stuff with Francis Dunnery (plus he's like the older brother I never had giving me all sorts of advice when I need it). We're working on something new for EpiK DrumS with producer/engineer Ken Scott and drummer Terry Bozzio... that's all just scratching the surface too! It's a whirlwind of music and sounds around here. Plus lots of gear... and wires...

I bought a few knobs and parts from "Wine Country-Sequential" for my Prophets which I love. 

It's alive! 

I just finished putting together my main midi rack set up of synths... I've kind of drifted away from midi sequencing of external hardware synths. I either tend to use software synths - some of which I make the sounds for - or I just PLAY the actual hardware synth and don't even bother sequencing it. But... I have nothing against midi sequencing of hardware synths either so it's making a comeback with lots of style and flavor available... that in addition to just playing the hardware and using software samplers and synths in whichever DAW I'm using... ProTools but also getting more into Logic now as well.

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  1. I see your V-Synth XT - I've been wanting to reacquire a V-Synth (GT a bit spendy right now, but was seeing v2.0s for very fair prices...) and caught between getting the full v2.0 or just get a XT rack. With the rack I'd feel like I'd be missing the d-beam that I loved on the v2.0 - what would you recommend and if the XT, then which keyboard as a controller?