Sunday, October 14, 2012

Squids here in Miami

A Quick Introduction

Dave Kerzner (aka "Squids") here in Miami writing my first Squids' Travels blog. Since this is the first entry I'll give you an idea of what this blog is going to be like. Over the years I've had many unique adventures related to the music industry. Because I chose an uncommon path as a producer, sound engineer and musician by carving out my niche as a sound developer (I'll explain what that is later), I've been able to be part of an enormous variety of interesting music projects. Many of these experiences involve working with other producers, engineers and musicians that I've admired ever since I was a kid... the artists and technicians who have made albums with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes, Genesis, Rush, David Bowie, Supertramp, Elton John, The Police, XTC, Jeff Beck, Steely Dan, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Peter Gabriel, Pat Metheny Group, UK, ELP and so many other favorite classic rock, prog rock, alt rock and jazz artists. 

Not only have I had a priceless education from these amazing people I've also had and continue to have experiences that are fun stories to share whether they're from the past, the present in real-time or from the planning of events in the future. I would think this blog would be of particular interest to musicians or music fans who like to have a look 'behind the scenes' in studio, concert and traveling situations. In this case it would be a rare diversity of activity you don't normally see from just one person's perspective. That again is because of the nature of what I do with Sonic Reality, the sound development/music software company I started in 1996, as well as what I do myself as a musician, writer or producer of music and more. If that still sounds vague don't worry. It will be more clear along the way and if it makes you feel any better even my own Mother still doesn't really know exactly what I do for a living. Truth be told I'm a strange breed in that I am part creative/artist and part businessman/salesman. I stir the pot and I can be pretty bold. But boldness is often rewarded and that's how many of these crazy things happen so here we go!

Squids Travels Blog: October 14th, 2012

I'm here in Miami preparing for a big trip to the UK next week. It starts off with a CD release party from Steve Hackett for the release of his album "Genesis Revisited 2" which I got to play keyboards on and I also engineer/coordinated Simon Collins and Francis Dunnery's vocals for the songs "Supper's Ready" and "Dancing With The Moonlit Knight". I'll tell more about that story digging into the not so distant past but for now have a look and listen to Steve Hackett and Roger King talk about our involvement with the album: 

The day after the CD release party, as ironic as it may be, I am actually doing a session over at Genesis' studio called "The Farm" in Surrey, England. I'll share the details of what I'm doing there with Nick Davis, Genesis' co-producer/engineer, in a forthcoming post to the blog. But it's going to be interesting! 

The next day I head up to Cumbria, England where I will be preparing for a charity gig on October 27th where I'm playing keyboards with the incredibly talented singer/songwriter/guitarist Francis Dunnery and all sorts of fantastic artists will be joining us on stage including Steve Hackett! We'll be doing a few Genesis songs all together live as well as some unexpected surprises. I'm actually preparing for that right now here in Miami on a Sunday afternoon. 

The day after the concert is a 7 mile charity walk around Ennerdale Lake where we are raising money for Francis Dunnery's CKDCF foundation which helps children with health issues and terminal diseases. I've got a web page up where people can make donations and sponsor me in the walk. I set my goal to raise a thousand dollars to help these children and I'm happy to say that I'm more than half way to that goal already! 

The next day I have several sessions back near London. I can't say where or with whom just yet except that one of the sessions is with Alan Parsons engineering. That alone is exciting enough! But it gets even better and I will reveal more in future entries in this blog including some updates in real-time as things are happening! 

- Squids

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