Sunday, November 4, 2012

Genesis Studio Revisited 2: The Videos

If you read my previous blog post you got some backstory and saw pictures from my revisiting Genesis' studio called "The Farm" (aka Fisherlane Farm Studios). This is where Genesis, Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Mike & The Mechanics and other artists have made many records since the early 80's when it was built. My mission was to make good use of a couple days in England before heading up to Cumbria to play a gig with Francis Dunnery and Steve Hackett. It's ironic that I went to Genesis' studio to record some overdubs for Pink Floyd covers I am doing with my project "Sonic Elements". You'd think maybe doing something Genesis-related there would make more sense! However, it was more about WHO we could get into the studio and since Dorie Jackson and Colin Edwin live there and we had planned on these specific sessions it just made the most sense... even though it's even more ironic that later in the week I'd be working at a studio that has an old Abbey Road/EMI console and that session would even be with Alan Parsons and several musicians from Pink Floyd! In fact, it doesn't get too much more ironic than that (especially if you add in the 'Animals' train window shot that you'll see in one of the videos below). Lots of interweaving Pink Floyd and Genesis music on this trip. Somehow it all made sense! After the sessions with Dorie and Colin we DID get to something VERY Genesisy and that was more drum kit sampling in the very unique stone live room there. It's all part of a sample library I'm doing with Genesis' producer/engineer Nick Davis which is coming out next year. It features samples of instruments used by Genesis and includes some very unique character sounds that would otherwise be very difficult to obtain.

So, I've put together some video blogs for you to watch if you're into the Squids "fly on the wall" point of view. These are edited together quickly on Quicktime just for speed's sake. Some shaky camera work as well I'm afraid as this was just done on my iPhone in the midst of traveling and working. But, as that line in Caddyshack goes... "you'll get nothing and like it!"  This is what I've got basically. Hope you enjoy it!

Here I am blogging quietly on the train heading to Surrey:

Here's a longer length collection of video clips featuring Dorie Jackson, me (Squids), Colin Edwin, Nick Davis and more in action!

Here's me, Squids again, your blog host and musical adventurist nearly falling asleep at about 4am while Graham and Marc carry on with the sampling of a Phil Collins Gretsch kit. I was running on fumes at this point and it wasn't going to be too much sleep in the next few days either. 

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