Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Travel Section

Okay, so if the blog is called "Squids Travels" then there should be some more of the in between travel stuff as well so you get a sense of the context these musical adventures are taking place within.

Whenever I travel to a place in another part of the world I like to try the food that it's known for. You won't ever find me eating in an American chain restaurant or fast food joint outside of America (let alone in America... not usually my thing unless we're talking late night post-session Denny's which every musician has done... and the non-musician night owls). In England the main thing to get there for me is fish n' chips (even if it's as cliche' as pizza in NYC... it's still good!) and a "curry"... also known in Cockney Rhyming Slang as a "Ruby"... I learned some of that for fun from some friends years ago. Sor'ed.

If I have time and I'm in the right place I usually like to go to what the locals consider one of the best places for a particular thing. I didn't have that luxury on this trip so I took a chance wherever I was and it worked out alright.

That place was pretty good and I also had a nice plate of crispy cod later on the trip:

So, now that you've got SOME context let me tell you what happened next on this trip. After I left Cumbria early in the morning on Monday Oct 23rd I took a train down to Richmond Surrey (South of London again). I had two session dates booked at "State of the Ark Studios" which is an incredible place that has vintage gear that was used on albums recorded in the 60's and 70's including EMI gear that was apparently used on Dark Side of the Moon! 

Now, if you are a Pink Floyd fan as I am then you may know that "The Travel Section", the title I used for this blog post, is also in reference to something else! It's what was on Dark Side of the Moon originally in the spot where "On The Run" was between Breathe and Time. I'll tell you a little bit about this portion of the trip next but because it is so deep and complex I will save most of the story of these sessions for later. 

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