Thursday, November 29, 2012

... to the show that never ends!

Here's part two of the Emerson, Squids & Parsons session plus a wrap up of this incredible LA trip before I head off to NY. Besides thoroughly sampling the iconic sounds of Keith's Moog for an upcoming Sonic Reality sample library bearing his name I also had a few other things I was hoping we'd get to before Alan and I had to leave to go to the other studio to work on what he originally came down to do. One was a session I was recording for an artist for a prog label. I won't mention the artist or the label yet because I'm not sure if they want it to be a secret. Probably. So, anyway, that went well. Then there was this fun idea of Keith playing on a Sonic Elements track or two. He was game! We fired up the track and he improvised a wicked keyboard solo. When I get home I'm to 'trade solos' with him on my Minimoog and EMS Synthi (vs. his Modular Moog). What a dream that is. Dueling keyboard solos with Keith Emerson! What a lucky man I was for that to happen!!!!

Uncle Alan and Uncle Keith! My pals and musical mentors. 

So, that wrapped up an amazing first part of the day with Keith and Alan. We then headed over to Sherman Oaks to record at Simeon Spiegel's incredible "Blue Forest Studios". I've known Simeon since 1989 and he's into "quality" like I am (food, music...). He's also a major gear-head so his studio has the right analog and digital gear for what I need when I come to LA. I love working there. It's like having a second project studio. We had a few things on our to do list before former Pink Floyd backing vocalist Durga McBroom-Hudson was to arrive. But we didn't have a lot of TIME. So we did a rough mix of the song "Money" which we were covering using Sonic Reality sounds. Billy Sherwood (Yes, Circa) was on bass and Alastair Greene of the Alan Parsons Live Project was on vocals and guitar, me on keys... We were also there to get to mixing Nick Mason's drums that we recorded several weeks prior in England. 

Alan Parsons, Simeon Spiegel and I with the amazing Durga McBroom-Hudson

At 5 o'clock on the dot (even earlier) Durga McBroom-Hudson arrived. We recorded backing vocals to Sonic Elements' tribute to Dark Side of the Moon with Alan Parsons engineering. We also did "Great Gig In The Sky" which I am putting together with a variety of amazing singers including Dorie Jackson who I saw later that day performing with Francis Dunnery! Durga was incredible. Such a powerful voice! She was a pleasure to work with and I think it was a thrill for her to do the session with Alan Parsons who originally recorded Dark Side of the Moon. She's had quite a Floyd experience! We had sushi after and she told us some great stories about being on the road with Pink Floyd. Fantastic stuff! Looking forward to working with her again. 

Hanging with Francis Dunnery and Dorie Jackson after the gig at the luxurious Denny's Bistro. 

Once again I have to run (always 'on the run') and grab myself a breakfast sandwich before I run a few errands and prepare for my trip back. I'll continue on with the rest of the "LA Story" perhaps while I'm on the plane! It's not easy squeezing in these blog posts during actual LIVE action! But if I don't jot these things down while they're happening I may forget certain details so I've been as diligent as I can be about it. At least I think and type fast. ;)   See you again soon! If you came here from my Facebook page then make sure you click "like" so I know you like it. Otherwise I feel like I'm talking to myself... which is fine because I do it all the time (I'm the guy muttering things to himself and chuckling down the street). But, it's encouraging just to know that people are into it so let me know! If you're not 'friended' to me on Facebook then don't be shy and understand that I'm a Facebook whore so until they stop me from having more friends on there I'm fine with the unrealistic friend numbers (you know, no one could possibly have thousands of actual friends?). So if you like lots of GEAR, lots of MUSICIANS, lots of FOOD PICS and OCEANS, SKY and TRAVEL shots then that's going to be a fun place to be. 

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