Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Going up to Cumbria to meet up with Francis Dunnery

I boarded the train at Euston Station in England to go up to Cumbria to meet Francis Dunnery and for a little while I had a four seater all to myself. So I set up 'camp' with my IK Multimedia iRig Keys, a new gadget that plugs into both your computer or your iPad/iPhone and allows you to play music anywhere. I had a pre-release version but as I was traveling it was just starting to come out around the world. A good chance to 'put it to the test' and it came through for me big time. A mobile, light and compact way to practice my parts for the upcoming gig I was doing that weekend with Francis Dunnery, Steve Hackett and many other great artists. 

After about 4 hours I arrived in Carlisle where Francis was there to pick me up from the train station. 

The next day I woke up at the Seacote Hotel in Cumbria which is right on the coast with a view of this cool looking cliff that was filmed for the moview “Tommy” years ago. 

The rocks there have been signed by people dating back to the late 1800's so the next morning Francis and I went looking for his brother Barry’s “W” that he carved in a rock. It was treacherous! The rocks were slippery. I had to be careful climbing around everything…

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