Saturday, November 3, 2012

Steve Hackett's CD Release Party for Genesis Revisited 2

If you’ve been following along with this “Squids Travel Blog” you may have wondered why there was no blogging while I was actually traveling over the past week and a half! Well, that’s because I really packed it in leaving no time to reflect and tell stories while they were happening. So now that I’m on a plane back to Miami I can tell you the incredible things that happened on this trip.

I arrived Monday morning in London after taking a red eye from Miami. I checked into my hotel and took a short nap before making my way over to “Proud Cabaret” where Steve Hackett was having a CD Release party for his latest album “Genesis Revisited 2” which I got to play on. I met up with Francis Dunnery who was also on the album. I met his sister Fay Dunnery, his tech Gary Gerson and singer Dorie Jackson who I had a session booked with the next day. It was the first time I met Dorie even though I’ve worked with her on a few tracks remotely before with Francis.

The atmosphere of “Proud Cabaret” was really interesting. It was a burlesque trip back in time. Strange to be hearing them playing songs from Selling England By The Pound and Foxtrot over the speakers during the party. I actually saw someone ‘dancing’ to Supper’s Ready. If I blink I can still see that unfortunately (kind of like when you look into the light too long and you still see spots? Haha). Everyone was really nice. It got to meet Steve Hackett in person for the first time as well as his very sweet wife Jo. The room was filled with musicians who had contributed to the album. Steven Wilson was there who I worked with a bit on his previous solo album “Grace for Drowning”. His vocal on “Can Utility and the Coastliners” was great on the Genesis Revisited 2 album. Worked well. I was sad that Steve Rothery couldn’t make it. I’ve been wanting to meet him in person. Steve has played guitar on several “Sonic Elements” tracks (that’s my Sonic Reality Progressive Rock project which mixes it up with different musicians… in a similar way Steve Hackett made this Genesis Revisited album actually).

I met Lee Pomeroy, the current bass player for “It Bites” which is Francis’s former band. Interestingly enough John Mitchell, the singer/guitarist who replaced Francis in the band, was there with Lee. So I talked with him a bit and all in good fun John, Francis and I took a picture together. I finally got to meet Nad Sylvan from Agents of Mercy. I first met him because he and a keyboard player named Bonamici were using my company’s software to do some Genesis-style music. I was really happy for him when I heard he was not only singing on a variety of Genesis tunes on this album but he’s also singing on the tour with Hackett. I can only imagine what a dream come true that must be for him!

Steve Hackett, John Hackett and Roger King treated everyone to a private performance of instrumentals. Someone recorded it on video so here's what that was like: 

I stayed till the end of the party despite my jet lag. It was just too much fun! The next day I had to wake up early to take a train down to Surrey where I was to have a BIG day at Genesis' studio oddly enough! It was quite the Genesis-Week actually. 

Here are some more photos from the event: 

It Bit and It Bites

My virtual sister Dorie Jackson. Had a great session booked with her the next day.

One of my peers/mentors, Steven Wilson. Perhaps the most prolific artist around these days.

The man himself! Steve Hackett. We would later play an unforgettable gig together... that blog is coming soon to a Squids near you!

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